Heraldry, Blazons & Artifacts

In this section are discussed the heraldry, coats of arms and the best known artifacts of Yrneh, any contribution for other coats of arms will be welcome later.

Coat of arms

Auris coat of arms

Aurora kingdom coat of arms

the Aurora

Coat of Dol

Coat of arms kingdom Dol


Coat of Danreb

Arms of the Supreme Prince of the Ogariths

Supreme Prince

Blason of Fulk Arken

Coat of Arms of the Dark Lord


Coat of Enoguerä

Arms of the King of the Elves


Crest of Throud Steelhammer

Coat of Arms of Steelhammer


Artifacts in the last chronicle of Yrneh


His name means shot; of Leviathan. This is the Dark Lord's favorite and ultimate weapon. She has been forged from from a tooth of Leviathan, one of the first three animals of creation known as the Fundamentals.


An-arya-draco, literally the sword of the dragon. This katana style saber is characterized by a handle with dragon head. It is a joint achievement between the smiths Elves, Dwarves, the Magus who blessed it as well as Naör and who was related to a legendary animal now extinct.

Elanïa: the sword of Ysolina

The sword of Ysolina is encased in a bâ tone in uldarium. The mechanism to separate the blade from the staff is only activated by its holder and a magical charm linked to it. The weapon is in one piece, forged in a single mould. To know that its cutting edge has no superior as that of Leveïaïa, Anarya as well as another blade that you will discover in the novel.

Hammer of Thulfanor

This hammer was built by Thulfanor the Terrible, the mightiest of all Simerians. The neck was produced at; from the first tree of creation and covered with pure Uldarium before being incorporated into it. in a mold where the upper part of the hammer was cast to make it a one-piece weapon. Apart from the Gaïnor, only two people are able to lift it: Thulfanor and Throud his brother.

Steelhammer Axe

The Barbarian's axe, the most famous of all creation's axes. It belongs to the most powerful and known of the Simerians, Throud Steelhammer, the younger brother of the illustrious Thulfanor. Throud the Barbarian forged it. for the first time in the company of his eldest. The weapon was blessed by Floëls la Gaïno during the Second Cycle. Subsequently Throud tempered it with the Hammer of Thulfanor the Terrible in Arken Volcano not far from Fulk Arken's residence.

The Uldarium Staff

The Uldraium Staff is a fairly common weapon among the Ogarith but some of them have certain faculties like dividing up, lying down or taking quite unexpected shapes. The most famous remains the one who was transmitted from Ysolina to Hersendis. Indeed it is the only uldarium staff held by an Elf. He has capacity to lie down, take charge of the magic of the beautiful Elf and channel her power in addition to the fabulous blade that is hidden there.

The Spear of Enoguëra

The Spear of Enoguëra is a now lost artifact. This weapon blessed by Naör had the particularity of to never miss its target. She hit the bull's eye. every time. It is during the Trinity of the Vendôr that this one disappeared. Indeed Enoguëra had launched it; against Fulk Arken and this one caught him. in flight before sending it back to the ocean.

The Ring of the Legate:

This platinum ring surmounted by a of 3 precious stones is entrusted; to a herald by the Gaïanor. This artifact gives its bearer the ability to bring the peoples together in due time and his power cannot be disputed.

Uldarium shield:

Uldarium shields are very rare pieces since only Dwarves have them. They are the only ones know the secrets to shaping and giving curved shapes and complex shapes to this material so rare and resistant.

The Armor of Fulk Arken

The armor of the Dark Lord is one of the two most resistant protections in all of Yrneh along with that of Thulfanor the Terrible. This armor was made by Fulk Arken himself at; from the skin of the Ourobouros, from the feathers and the blood of the Phoenix the primordial animals created; by Floëls and Naör. The perversion that Fulk Arken poured into it made him a color as dark as the abyss and the blood of the King of the Birds gave him captivating green reflections. It is also this green glow that runs through all the joints of Yrneh's oldest protection.

Thulfanor Armor

Thulfanor Armor is the armor crafted by Floëls in who was her husband. She is the nemesis of Fulk Arken's armor in its toughness. but also by its sparkling golden color. It is also endowed with a kind of soul and left its carrier when he was killed. by the Dark Lord himself, something that could only be done because Thulfanor had been taken away. his helmet. De facto it was transmitted from heir to heir until arrive at on the shoulders of Niirü.

Albior Armor:

Albior Armor is magical armor made by the Dwarves in the request of one of his predecessors. Its robustness and solidity is justified by the fact of being composed of a mixture of uldarium and stardust. She has the ability to to adapt to the morphology of the one who puts it on. But possessing his will proper, this adaptation only takes place if the one who has worn it is worthy of it.

The Throne of Fulk Arken

The Throne of Fulk Arken is one of the four seats of the ancient Gaïnor. It is for him his second most beautiful creation with his frightening blade. He leaves no one approach or even look at it. This throne which was in the palace of Naör with the others, is now at the top of the central keep of Durtal, well above the clouds as if to assert its suzerainty. on Yrneh. Its darkness is matched only by that of the Fallen Gaïno's armor.

The Throne of Rî⁣ga

This is the 4th seat of the Commanders. It is one of the jewels of creation and one of the finest achievements of Rîîga Its beauty and its singularity is legendary and stirs the jealousy of Fulk Arken. Consisting of by armrests ending with two pommels in the shape of lions' heads, two tusks oriented upwards offered by the very first elephant of creation. All joining at the top of the seat two large statues of dolphins pointing in different directions. In the middle of the file, the presence of a royal eagle spreading its wings to shelter the commander.


This unknown weapon that you will discover in the novel literally means the Divine.

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