Calendrier Yrnéen


1 cycle = 1 regency = 8 millennia. 1 millennium = 10 centuries. 1 century = 100 years.


12 months of 36 days or 432 days per year, the new year begins in Summer. Summer: Hecatompaïon (sacrifices) / Queïda (harvests) / Epesol (rest). Autumn: Ajun (Fruit) / Tuzcë (leaves) / Naya (fence). Winter: Nevea (snow) / Ferë (great calm) / Vendôra (wind). Spring: Floë (life) / Paran (seeds) / Liniëw (rain).


Divided into 2 times 12 hours, the day is as long as the night. Each hour is made up of the equivalent of 100 minutes. Each minute consists of quota of 100 seconds. The duration of a day or a night is 1.7 longer than ours.

Chronology of events prior to the novel

Cycles in Yrneh

The history of Yrneh consists of three cycles, during each cycle of 8000 years one of the Gaïanor reigns over the world after the previous one has joined the Infinite. Axda The first cycle was that of Naör, it was during this period that the world found itself; divided in several continents and that each ensured his regency over one of them. After the disappearance of the Commander of the Air Stratum, the Second Cycle called Vagär (Peace) has been proclaimed by Floëls Gaïano of the Terrestrial stratum. At the end of these 8000 years, the goddess is at his turn left to join Naör. The Third Cycle has begun. just after and did not know any event before the year 6002 of Gédros (meaning "Abandonment") since the Gaïano called to reigning was Rîîga and that the latter never exercised his power. It was after 8161 years that Fulk Arken started small skirmishes. The story of the novel begins at the 7337th year of the Third Cycle...

The Chronicles of the Second Cycle of Yrneh: The Vagär (Peace)

5th-8th Millennials

Year 5809-5839: Thirty Years' War and fall of Fulk Arken during Trinity from Friör.
Year 5840-6001: Long period of calm punctuated by some internal wars but without gravity. Technical and economic improvements.
Year 5843: End of the reconquest of the Far West.
Year 5846: Damalior and Dion's Rift are under Elven control.
Year 8000: Floëls completes its cycle and joins Naör and the Infinite

The Chronicles of the Third Cycle of Yrneh: The Gédros (Abandonment)

6th Millennium

Year 0-6001: Long period of calm punctuated by some internal wars but not serious. Technical and economic improvements.
Year 6002: Eruption of the Arken Volcano, the lava flows and surrounds Durtal killing the men present on each side.
Year 6012: Total pollution of the waters and forests of Damalioch, humans and other creatures settled in settlers perish.
Year 6048: Dion's Rift widens, engulfing the present Elven colony.
Year 6065: A tidal wave destroys the palace of Floëls and the remains of the first city. Simerian.
Year 6089: Repeated shipwrecks in the bay of Callistos.
Year 6173: Attempt to communicate beyond In Mogforn and the Ancient Mountains, trade galleys are destroyed by attacks from sea monsters.
Year 6201: Expansion of the Mogforn and Infirn deserts.
Year 6223: Simerian expeditions to eradicate sea monsters in the northern ocean.
Year 6234-6337: Gradual reappearance of Damalochs on Septrion trying to penetrate the continent.
Year 6366-6399: Reconstruction of the Great Wall, creation of the dam on the Chemillé River. Developments of new towns and villages.
Year 6402-6497: Extension of the Auros desert, only the Orï enables communications for merchants.
Year 6598: The King of Sertrach forms a huge army.
Year 6607: The territory of La Guerche carries out its first edition. They try to pass the Great Wall in the company of Orcs, Dark Elves, Damalochs but the defenses hold and the resistants of Chemillé destroy the dam and flood the area where the enemy troops are advancing.
Year 6608: The dam is rebuilt, the daughter of Floëls weds with a human named Lingün, she gives birth to a boy named Kanwë.
Year 6744: From Mount Oreros, Fulk Arken launches several expeditions to looking for his sword. He remains immovable because he fears the powers of his brother Rîîga.
Year 6748: Damalochs sent by their Lord land in the forest of Roë, the Elves massacre them all.
Year 6771: There are many rumors of the presence of the Black Sword in different parts of the world and especially in the Mogforn Desert but a continual sandstorm impedes the year 6771. che all exploration.
Year 6802: Fulk Arken launches a vast maritime offensive to land on Nirvë, many ships are lost, the others are destroyed by a tidal wave.

7th Millennium

Year 7036: Fulk Arken forms another fleet to attack and invade Yrneh. by both East and West.
Year 7037: The objectives of the Dark Lord are achieved on the West Coast, he takes over the Far West. On the east coast it is a total failure because the fleet of the Aurora of triple power razes the enemy ships and loses none. of his men.
Year 7038-7083: Fulk Arken gradually leaves Mount Oreros to reconquer the entire southern fringe of his continent. Once at half of its conquest carried out in a meticulous way, he halts his advance and sends creatures to assassinate the Magus who are resettled in Angwë. Magus Regnus and the 12 most powerful Magus succeed in flee to the territories of the Aurora.
Year 7084: The Sharp Mountains are at back under the control of the Black Legions. At the end of the year, the Dark Lord swoops down on Durtal and retakes his fortress which had been under guard for ever since. several years. It completes the total reconquest of Damalioch. He accepts the allegiance of the Far West but he does not go to Yrneh still fearing Rîîga.
Year 7100: At the time when the morning star sparkles with incredible brilliance, Niiru the son of Kanwë born. This one has a symbol on each hand. Fulk Arken made aware of this strange birth decides to have Kanwë and his family thinking that Kanwë could be the savior of Yrneh. Kanwë succeeds in save and save hide his son named Niiru but he perishes with his wife. It is the High King Enoguëra who takes him in and raises him with his wife.
Year 7111-7126: Niiru learns the ways and customs of the Elves as well as their magic and their knowledge of arts and nature.
Year 7126-7173: Niiru disappears and no one knows where. it turns out, Fulk Arken who learned of its existence also loses track of it.
Year 7173: Niiru reappears under a false identity, he is called Enië and he travels to the lands of the Dawn King to train with the Magus. Meeting between Baldric de Dol and Enië.
Year 7203: Death of Enoguëra's wife, Niiru attends the his funeral but remains in the background.
Year 7324: While accused of flight by an adviser to the King of Dawn, Niiru allows himself to be locked up for several weeks refusing to answer. After this episode of deliberate isolation he agrees to provoke a duel his accuser. Just before the fight and to spare his life, Niiru removes his gloves and bandages to reveal the symbols of the Gaïanor to the King's eyes. It is washed of any suspicion.
Year 7325: With his knowledge acquired with the Magi, Niiru decides to return to the forest of Sertrach with his adoptive family. The memory of Hersendis burns him and he is impatient to see her again. After several weeks he leaves again.
Year 7326-7336: Peace in Yrneh.
Year 7336: Niiru has been staying in Sertrach Forest for a year. Baldric has gone on an expedition to the Septrion, where he meets Throud Steelhammer, the birth of a great friendship.
Year 7337: Hostilities resume between La Guerche and Sertrach, the Great Wall is destroyed in places but the armies of the King of Sertrach firmly hold their positions.

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