Codex of Creatures



The Phoenix is ​​one of the first three animals created on Yrneh. It comes from the spirit of Naör who created it. first. He gave him the charge to watch the air and maintain a unique, mild and sunny season. The Phoenix was captured and killed by Fulk Arken during the First Cycle. Once captive, the Dark Lord drank of his blood then he soaked the armor he had forged. This one is totally impregnated with it. Mortally wounded by the torture inflicted upon him Fulk Arken, The Firebird Has Totally Kissed Each Other and disappeared without leaving any ashes behind.


The Ouroburos is the protective serpent of the earth. It was created just after the Phénix by Floëls. She gave him role of ensuring the consistency of everything related to the earth's crust. The latter acted deep below the surface. The Dark Lord, after a long hunt, brought him out of his refuge and captured him in order to put him to death. died to steal his skin and use it to produce the most impenetrable and durable armor in Yrneh. Fulk Arken affirms to have put it at agrave; dead but no one has ever found the remains of this legendary creature.


The Leviathan is the third fundamental and the largest of all, it is also the most powerful since it was the guardian of the seas and governed the winds and sea currents. Fulk Arken succeeded in flush him out and in a titanic fight succeeds in pull out a tooth from which he created Levïaïa the most formidable weapon in the world. The size of the Leviathan does not allow not up to the Dark Lord to kill him, but from the Leviathan's wound legends tell fearsome monsters were born. After having been Fulk's victim Arken the Leviathan disappeared into the depths of the oceans and never appeared again. Some say he is dead, but obscure prophecies tell that he will come back to life. surface and that like the Phoenix and Ourobouros it will play a role.

The Fundamentals are simply the first three creatures created by the Gaïanor. The Ourobouros is the regulating serpent of the earth, The phoenix is ​​the guardian of the air and Leviathan oversees the oceans. Only Fulk Arken did not create such a creature.

Anthropomorphic creatures


Golems are artificial beings created by the Gaïanor and were their personal servants. They are made to; from various materials such as clay, steel, water, none remains...until this day!


One of the oldest, if not the oldest animal race in Yrneh after the Fundamentals. They are flying and super-powerful creatures totally devoted to Naör and divided into several clans according to their category (ice, water, earth, fire...). The race of Dragons, the most powerful of which were the fire-led dragons. pat Tenerius is now extinct in Yrneh...

Sea Serpent:

These are the offspring of Leviathan. They were born from the wounds that Fulk Arken made to his body. the elemental during its capture to obtain one of its teeth in order to forge Levïaïa.


They are the most loyal and powerful of the Dark Lord's lieutenants. They always ordered to the various legions. Their physical strength has no equal, They are of a substantial size since they exceed by several times the stature of a Simerian. Following the last defeat of Fulk Arken, they were decimated and only a few managed to survive. escape.


They are humanoid creatures that stand upright, possessing all the attributes of wolves and men. They are forbidden experiments made by the Dark Lord from his first claims of suzerainty. They have been used in order to act in all discretion and to make people believe; wolf attacks.


Nocturnal creatures resulting from genetic manipulations on humans being sold to Fulk Arken, these creatures are imperfect since they can only move at night. Not possessing exceptional strength, it is characterized by significant speed which allows them to act on extremely targeted missions, they can fill their ranks by contaminating humans by biting, they cannot infect Elves, Ogariths or Simerians however many vampires can kill these species with multiple bites in order to suck the life fluid from the blood.


Winged creatures the pay of Fulk Arken and whose sole purpose is to destroy the Ogarith and Elf crops. Incidentally, they have the mission of attacking anyone seeking to join a battlefield. They are supposed to prevent reinforcements from arriving. They act between dusk and dawn.


Kind of undead who feed on corpses in order to gain physical or magical strength to use it later. There exist on all the continents of Yrneh a certain number of fantastic creatures, some of which are naturally the allies of Fulk Arken.

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