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I'm happy to welcome you to the site of the novel I wrote for you. from 2002 and that I tried to publish in 2004 with a publishing house called Bragelonne. Now after having questioned a website update and make a final pass on the correction I launch a kitty on Leetchi and Kisskiss-bankbank to self-publish. This is my first novel, which I have reworked many times,for ten years but which I have left aside for too long. I invite all good souls to join the project to give it a dimension even larger and complete some of the sections which I no longer have time to deal with because I have decided,to start writing another novel. Thanks to,all in advance.

The novel was published on the Amazon website: Yrneh's Last Chronicle

2023: Updated,website day. Upcoming launch of a self-financing campaign on the KissKissBankBank website. Melvine Verpoorten began the illustrations for the special version of the novel. Fixed flash modules (no longer supported by browsers) in HTML5 Baldric Cosplay Focus: I have the Dragon Saber, leather gloves, belt, chest plate will be done,by an American: Intergalactic Creations saiyan armor specialist, stay at, find boots, burgundy scarf, overcoat, top, pants.

2016: The 31st chapter is reduced and becomes an epilogue.

2016: Correction of the novel by Margot

2010: Correction of the novel by Julie Mottier.

2008: New drawings by Mélanie Louna, renovation of the drawings and FanArt sections, addition of the pre-novel chronology in the prologue section, Submission of the manuscript to the SGDL extended to 2012.

2007: Standby of the site and the improvement of the novel, Bragelonne finally gave,his negative response by mail. After two years of waiting on the reading committee, the vote was tight: 5 yes and 6 no including the voice of the director of publication who preferred not to take any risk, deposit of the novel à INPI.

2006: Map and map parts put online, English version online, forum updated. day, site under renovation.

2005: Bragelonne informs me that the manuscript is going to committee,of reading, answer in 6 months. 6 & 7th version of the site presented as a PHP project during the DESS, the manuscript is reviewed once again after the refusal of the publisher Christian Bourgois. Superior shipment from different publishing houses such as Bragelonne. Land of mist indicates a response within two months: end of non-receipt.

2004: New improvements, revisions of some passages. 5th version of the site. Submission of the manuscript to the SGDL. Improved Yrneh annexes: creation of the dictionary, improvement of the ogarudh, implementation of the metric system, redefinitions of the chronicles. 4th Version of the site.

2003: The novel finally has its final form: 31 chapters, first public reading. 3rd version of the site. First correction of the manuscript, many things are reworked and the spelling is improved. 1st version of the site. The first draft of the novel is made, the manuscript has 30 chapters. Beginning of the writing of the novel.

2002: Creation of Baldric de Dol. Draft of the other characters. The first six chapters exist but they do not have their current form and the protagonists have other names. I fly by plane to the south of France to rest. On the plane, a sketch of the map is made with a ballpoint pen and then with colored pencils. The outline of the 3 cycles of Yrneh begins at,to be gradually built up. Creation of Fulk Arken inspired by the Count of Anjou Foulque Nerra.

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