Fulk Arken/Maahar

Dark Lord

Fallen Gaïano

Maahar or rather Fulk Arken since that is his name for thousands of years was one of the 4 ancient Gaïanor. Considered as the equal of Naör, he was at the beginning of the world the commander of the subterranean fire stratum. After a long quest that led him to a place Strangely, his mysterious disappearance was reported and sung about. No one knew what became of this powerful deity. Yet the latter made its reappearance several centuries later. He came back changed. in all point and was called in Ogarudh "the Dark Lord" the one who was to become the enemy of all peoples.
He then began many wars and battles over the years. against of his fellows in hopes of gaining suzerainty. of all the Yrneh. It was without counting on the Gaïanor. Fulk Arken lost many battles but never admitted defeat. Over time he kept coming back to conquer the territories free. Many times he nearly succeeded.
However, he had many successes that no one disputed. Among other things, he created his armor at from the Phoenix and of the Ourobouros, the fundamental animals of Naör and Floëls. He managed to capture the Leviathan to extract a tooth and turn it into an invincible sword. After his ultimate defeat during the Trinity from Vendôr. Centuries later, he returned from his Mount Oreros retreat, stronger, fiercer and more certain of victory than ever. Henceforth no god protects Yrneh since the defection of Rîîga Will the Dark Lord reach to conquer territories that resist him...

Iconic Phrase: "Fear the wrath of the Dark Lord!"
Favorite weapon: His sword Levïaïa.