the Fukanreï

Niiru alias Enië is a strange character of which we know very little. Its secret origins were thoroughly guarded by Enoguëra. Niiru is the descendant of the family Bénie, son of Kanwë and of Uria, descendant of Floëls the Gaïana. According to an old prophecy it is said that one of the heirs of the goddess will be the Fukanreï, the hero who will fight and throw at low Fulk Arken the Dark Lord. Some believe that the Fukanreï was Kanwë others think that Niiru is this being expected for centuries.
Anyway, Niiru called himself Enië (which means friend) for much of his life. He has privileged relationships with Enoguëra whom he considers his father, Baldric in whom he sees a brother, that he formed and Throud with whom he has had some incredible adventures.
For several years no one knows what has become of him and what he did. Many rumors circulated, speaking of his presence in the kingdom of Aurora, among the Elves, in Simeria, among the Magus when others thought it was installed among the Ogariths...
Her last adventure will be the most perilous, she will take her severe where no one has gone yet. But above all he does not yet know what awaits him, mortal dangers, and he could Well don't come back...

Iconic phrase: "May Naör lend me his strength!" Famous Phrase: "I am here for you Dark Lord!"
Favorite weapon: a sword, a boomerang then Gaïana
Special feature: 2 scarified symbols on each of his hands.