Elven Princess

Hersendis is one of the main heroes of the central trio of The Last Chronicle of Yrneh. She is the last girl alive of the High-King of the Elves, Lord Enoguëra. It is considered as the most beautiful of the elves just as was her mother: the valiant Ysolina the beautiful, savior of the last unicorn.
Hersendis is a brilliant and accomplished woman, she is among the most scholars of his race and his healing power is superior to that of his father. Orphan very early in life mother who died in battle, she was by his father. As an adult she left the domain of his father to travel and train. She has forged a very strong friendship with the Simerians and particularly their leader Lady Daskalia. Present in several quests, the the last one entrusted to him will send him to the countries ice creams from Simeria. It was during his many expeditions that the gentle lady has become one of the best blades. His mastery of weapons is matched only by his magical powers.
Hersendis is linked in love with Enië aka Niiru the Fukanreï, she promised him eternal love, an even stronger love when of this ultimate adventure.

Emblematic phrase: "May the grace of Floëls protect you..."
Favorite Weapon: A magic uldarium staff that can transform into a sword, his mother's rune sword.
Particularity: a mole under the left eye.